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Senior Video

If you want to be in the senior video you will need to provide:

  • 1-baby picture
  • 1-elementary aged picture
  • 1-middle school picture
  • 1-high school picture

(The video is separated into 4 parts. Your individual picture can be in each section only once.)

Requirements: Pictures are due the Friday before Spring break

  • On the back of each picture, please add your name, age/grade (in the picture), and the names of all the seniors in the picture (please indicate which person is which).
  • Pictures only, no discs, no flash drives (if that's a problem, please see Miss  Lauren Reynolds)
  • Bring these in an envelope with your name and the number of included pictures on the envelope. You'll get them back by the end of the year.


You can bring in as many buddy pictures as you'd like (such as elementary school class pictures, little league team pictures, 13th birthday party pictures, or any picture that has more than 1 senior in it.)